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In Loving Memory of Leo
You will live on in our hearts forever

Leo was found as a stray wandering the streets of Gary, IN. Emaciated and nearly blind he was able to fend for himself until he was taken to the city pound. No one knows how long he had been on his own but judging by his condition, it had been quite a while. Leo had many things working against him. He is a senior, a Chow Chow and was in horrible shape. No one was willing to give him a chance and he was going to be euthanized. Our sanctuary was notified of this poor guy and was transported to us immediately. His bloodwork showed that he was anemic from all the fleas and ticks on him and was heartworm positive. It was then discovered that his vision was extremely poor and his coat matted tightly to his skin.

Leo was very untrusting of people and had to be noosed to take him out--touching him invoked a growl. After Leo became stronger he started his heartworm treatments. Thankfully Leo came through with flying colors and has since tested negative.

With a lot of time and patience Leo and the staff at the Sanctuary started to trust each other. They were able to shave him down completely and give him a good bath. His coat has since grown back in and he is a very handsome Chow Chow. He loves to go on walks and likes to be brushed (NOT a Chow Chow trait). He still does not like strangers to touch him or get too close but he also knows that the staff at the sanctuary will always be there to protect him.

Chloe   CHLOE
Chloe came from a shelter in Quincy, IL. She was found abandoned along the side of the road pacing back and forth waiting for her people to come back. She had worn the grass down all the way before she was picked up and taken to the shelter. Due to her age, approximately 10, and her size, she was overlooked by other rescues.

The sanctuary was notified of her situation and a day before she was to be euthanized she was transported to us. She was very shy, emaciated and found to have roundworms, whipworms and tapeworms. She was very dirty and her coat was full of knots. She has now been wormed, vaccinated and bathed and she is a real beauty. We are slowly working on putting more weight on her.

Marty   MARTY
Marty is a 10-1/2 year old shepard mix whose guardian had to go into a nursing home. Unfortunately for Marty none of his guardian's family members were interested in taking care of him so he went to animal control. Due to Marty's age it was thought best for him to go directly into the sanctuary. He has adjusted very well and has lots of energy. When its time to eat he loves to jump in the air and prance around. You would never know he was 10-1/2.

Lucy Baby


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