The Rover Grade Finally Home Animal Sanctuary
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The Rover Grade Finally Home Animal Sanctuary was founded by Adrianne Grade in 2009 and named after her dog Rover who died in December of 2000. Adrianne has been involved in rescue for over
20 years dedicating the last 15 years to rescuing senior dogs and cats. Her oldest rescue was a 12 year old Schnauzer named Lady. Lady was incontinent and suffered from diabetes insipidus and was scheduled to be euthanized by her owners. Adrianne took in and loved Lady until she died of cancer 4 years later.

Adrianne has rescued numerous senior dogs and cats believing that just because an animal is older or disabled does not mean that they are worthless. The sanctuary was founded on the beliefs that these very special animals deserve love and a permanent home where all their medical, social and basic needs are met, forever.

Situated on 5 acres, the sanctuary provides ample indoor and outdoor space for dogs to be dogs. All outdoor areas are enclosed to help maintain the safety off all our senior residents. While special attention is paid to each dog's individual needs, plenty of toys, bones and treats are also a part of their daily lives.

The cat areas also provide plenty of roaming space and cozy sleeping nooks for our many feline residents. Special attention is paid to each cat's individual needs and requirements on a daily basis. Plenty of toys and treats are also provided to entertain the cats. Plans have been made to build a brand new cat house.

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