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As a sponsor, your monthly or annual donation will help us to continue to provide a secure, healthy environment for our wonderful dogs and cats so that they can live out their lives. With every sponsorship you will receive:

  • A picture of the dog or cat you have chosen to sponsor
  • Monthly updates from the sanctuary
  • Monthly letters from your sponsored dog or cat

If you do not choose a dog or cat we will put your donation toward the animal that has the most need.

You can sponsor an animal for $25 a month or $275 for the year. There is no minimum or maximum time requirements on sponsorships. You are also welcome to sponsor more than one animal.


How to Sponsor a Dog or Cat
Step 1:
Look through our gallery and choose a dog or cat you
would like to sponsor.

Step 2:
Download and complete our Sponsorship Form

Step 3:
Mail in your completed form along with your payment


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